The Shine Story

Shine is a gift shop run by Claire Hines. It is based in the window of Emporium M33 in Sale, where you can find lots of small businesses under one roof. 

Shine gift shop's retail space at Emporium M33 in Sale.

Photo: Sonya Daly Photography

How It All Began...

Back in April 2018, Laura Hall & Claire Hines came together to open Hall & Hines in a small space in Emporium M33. Bringing together Laura's jewellery and Claire's bags and purses, they started their retail journey with a goal of bringing lovely, handmade items to the people of Sale. 

On 1st June 2018 an opportunity arose to move to a window space within Emporium. It was too good a chance to miss! Laura and Claire began to buy in candles and cards to expand their product range.

Window Display of Hall & Hines in June 2018

The adjacent (and bigger) window space became available in March 2019 so another move was on the cards.


In September 2019, Claire decided to open an eco business next-door to Hall & Hines - House on Fire was born. Stocking natural deodorant, bamboo toothbrushes and other products to enable a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

 House on Fire, the beginnings of Claire's eco shop in Emporium M33

2020 was a challenge of course! The closure of the shop meant that Claire and Laura focussed on their website and worked hard to list all of their products online. 

In February 2022, Laura decided to move away from Hall & Hines to focus on making her jewellery but Claire wasn't ready to shut up shop! With no Hall it was time for a rebrand and so Shine was born.

Claire stands in her shop - Shine.

 Photo: Sonya Daly Photography