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Pure Essential Oil

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Lovely essential oils from The Nature of Things.

Natural and biodegradable, the oils come in a highly concentrated form so a small bottle goes a long way.

Here are some suggested uses:

- as a room scent (to replace synthetic commercial products) using a diffuser or burner or by creating a simple spray from a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle filled with water and alcohol.

- as a surface cleaner due to their strong antibacterial properties (lemon, tea tree, lavender etc) typically using a mixture of white wine vinegar, water and essential oils (or with baking soda).

- in natural cleaning/detergent products to add a fresh natural scent ('eco eggs' in the washing machine, dryer balls , directly in the water for ironing, etc)

- as body and bath products or perfumes

- as natural repellent for mites, mosquitos, etc.

- as small remedies (lavender for burns, eucalyptus for cold, etc)

- for wellbeing in general, leveraging the benefits of the oils on our emotions which is an area of growing research.

The oils are imported from different parts of the world, directly from producers, and are bottled in The Nture of Things workshop in Ireland.