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Special Offer Laundry Detergent Sheets

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Natural laundry detergent sheets on special offer. If you've wondered about trying these but weren't too sure, now is a great time while they are discounted!

I have two types of detergent sheets at half price:

Small pack - 10 sheets, fresh linen with damaged packaging, see photos. The glue has deteriorated on the packaging. Usually £5, now £2.50

Large pack - 32 sheets, unscented - expiry date 04/2024. Usually £10, now £5

Fully dissolvable in hot or cold water. Place 1, 2 or even 3 sheets (depending on load size and degree of cleaning required) in the machine with the washing. Suitable for front-load or top-load machines and for hand-washing clothes. 

Each sheet measures approx. 90mm x 110mm

Ingredients: Polyvinyl alcohol 15%, Sodium dodecyl sulfate 58%, Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether 17%, Water 9%, Parfum 1%

Made in The Netherlands